Enrichment Activities

Luv-n-Care Child Development Centers offer optional extracurricular activities selected for their value in encouraging your child’s creativity and athletic development. A variety of on-site activities are available to your child, including Spanish Lessons, Dance, Sports Activities, Gymnastics, and Swim lessons. Please inquire about these activities and their fees upon registration.


by Move & Groove Innovative Dance Program

The Move & Groove Innovative Dance Program enables children 2 years and older to experience dance in a safe, fun and stimulating class within our facility. The Move & Groove faculty members are professional dancers with extensive backgrounds in teaching young children dance. Each teacher takes pride in sharing their knowledge and love of dance in a nurturing manner. The curriculum is taught through a foundation of basic dance technique, while promoting gross motor skills, rhythm, creativity and flexibility. Most importantly, the Move & Groove program strives to instill an improved self-confidence in each child.

Learn more about Move & Groove Innovative Dance Program at www.moveandgroovedance.com


big green bus

by Big Green Gym Bus

The Big Green Gym Bus provides children with a safe, fun, educational and noncompetitive environment whose goal is to raise a child’s confidence, self-esteem, and to instill in them at an early age the importance of physical fitness. Big Green Gym Bus is a school bus that has been converted into a safe and fun gymnastics facility providing a convenient, structured workout for your child on site at our child care facilities. (Children are not transported in the Big Green Gym Bus). Lesson plans are set to lively music as the children perform basic tumbling and movement activities with the aid of certified instructors.

Hops, skips and jumps are not simply child’s play. Daily movement is an important part of a child’s educational experience. The Big Green Gym Bus’ curriculum provides the perfect mix of music, games and challenges that make for a happier, healthier child. These new experiences help them gain motor skills they can use for a lifetime!

Learn more about the Big Green Gym bus at www.biggreengymbus.com

tumble bus

by Tumblebus®

A TUMBLEBUS® is a gym on wheels filled with fun equipment--bringing physical education classes to children on site at Luv-n-Care (Children are not transported in the TUMBLEBUS®) Cheerfully decorated, the TUMBLEBUS® provides a fun way for children to receive physical fitness activities that are important to their development.
Instructors "with a special heart toward children" make the experience memorable as well as educational.

TUMBLEBUS® is a national program that builds self-esteem in children as they accomplish each physical skill in their lesson plan and will help to improve the fitness of your child, promote self-confidence, and enhance physical and motor development

TUMBLEBUS® is is quipped with bars, beam, vault, trampoline, ropes, rings, a climbing apparatus and more. The TUMBLEBUS® classes are taught weekly by a certified instructor in a non-competitive format with an emphasis on having fun.

Learn more about TUMBLEBUS® at www.tumblebustx.com


by Soccer Shots

Soccer Shots is the leader in youth soccer development for children ages 2-8. Our nationally recognized program offers a high energy, fun, age-appropriate introduction to the wonderful game of soccer. Our innovative curriculum emphasizes both soccer skills and character development. Our goal is simple: to leave a lasting, positive impact on every child we serve. Join us and see why tens of thousands of children throughout North America have benefited from the Soccer Shots experience!

Learn more about Soccer Shots at www.soccershots.org


by Little Amigos

Little Amigos is a wonderful way to introduce your child to a second language while his or her brain is most receptive to language acquisition. Children will learn vocabulary, hear and understand Spanish spoken by fluent speakers, and develop an appreciation of other cultures through fun, engaging activities. Our fantastic teachers make learning Spanish fun for young children. Kids love Pepe the monkey puppet, our adorable class mascot. They also love the songs, games and art projects that are an integral part of each class.

Benefits of Learning A Foreign Language

The ability to understand and speak another language is a tremendous advantage, but did you know research shows children who learn a second language:

Learn more about Little Amigos at www.wholechild.com


by TOT® -- Teams of Tomorrow – Fundamental and Creative Basketball

TOT offers it all! Athletics, Academics & Agility! TOT is a creative and unique way for a student to learn, experience and master all sorts of ball handling tricks! TOT teachers will model, encourage, & inspire your child to be the very best that they can be! Your child will attain many new skills that will instill a drive and motivation that will carry over into all areas of your child's life. Give your child the TOT advantage!

Learn more about TOT® at www.teamsoftomorrow.com.


by KOC, Golf Enrichment Program For Pre-School Students

Kids On Course Golf Academy (KOC) began its first After School program in San Antonio TX in the Spring of 2009 with the goal to provide the utmost in quality golf instruction while instilling character, integrity, and commitment to excellence.

KOC uses the wonderful game of golf to reinforce the cornerstones of character, discipline, and perseverance by designing programs to teach students to dream, strive, and achieve.

Pre-School Tees Fore Tots --- Tees Fore Tots is an at-school golf enrichment program designed for pre-school students from ages 3-6 years old. KOC provides a 5 to 1 student/teacher ratio and their head coaches are US Kids Golf Certified Instructors. Kids On Course provides all equipment, including new types of technology that ensures a safe and fun atmosphere.

Kids on Course's number one priority is SAFETY and we have the highest possible standard to ensure that all KOC students learn in a safe and nurturing environment. All KOC head coaches are CPR certified and have extensive background checks as well.

For additional information, please visit: www.kocga.com

Science , Technology, Engineering & Math

by Bricks, Bytes, & Bots

A unique curriculum insures kids are never bored as they experience a wide variety of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) activities on a rotating basis. 2 year olds are introduced to laptop computers with our proven “GiggleBytes®” curriculum which teaches computer language, concepts, skills and keyboarding. We also integrate tablet technology as well as beginning building activities with DuploÒ.

3-5 year olds will do a different unit each month:
Bricks- Age appropriate building, engineering and construction using DuploÒ, LEGOÒ and other materials.

Bytes – laptop and tablet technology, integrating our proven “GiggleBytes®” curriculum: computer language, concepts, skills and keyboarding/ typing.

Bots – Robotics lessons introduce robotics vocabulary, and age appropriate programming with hands on robot building and action!

Learn more about Bricks, Bytes & Bots at www.wholechild.com


On-site swim lessons

During the summer months, Luv-n-Care offers swimming lessons and open swim in our on-site heated pools. Your child will flourish in small group instruction, taught by a certified Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard. Upon completion of the 2 week swimming lesson course, parents will receive a report and certificate that tracked their child’s performance and progress. Luv-n-Care believes the swimming program is an invaluable enrichment activity, providing you and your child with a level of confidence in and around water. Space is limited so please sign up today!

Learn more about our swimming program by contacting the Luv-n-Care front office staff.

* Please contact a member of the Luv-n-Care front office staff regarding which enrichment activities are offered at your child’s location.










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