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Kinder Readiness

Ready . . . Willing . . . Able!

Luv-n-Care recognizes that preparing your child for the challenges that await them in kindergarten is paramount at this vital stage in their life. At Luv-n-Care, our Kinder Readiness program is designed using the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) curriculum currently used by NEISD and NSISD.

Our Kinder Readiness program supports the belief that through effective teaching practices and opportunities for child discovery through play, a child’s intellectual and social development can grow significantly, both of which are critical to the future academic and social successes. Our TEKS based curriculum will provide a challenging but achievable curriculum which will actively engage your child in thinking, reasoning, and communicating with others.

The TEKS based curriculum focuses on 11 different areas of social, emotional, and academic learning which includes the following: health education, language/communication, emergent literacy/reading, emergent literacy/writing, mathematics, science, social studies, fine arts/music, physical development, technology and theater. Our caregivers will work to strengthen and build upon the skills that your child has acquired in order to prepare them for the transition to kindergarten in academic, social and physical development.

In language arts, your child’s curriculum will build upon their phonics skills, sharpen their handwriting, and begin the process of learning to read. In math, your child will build on their number recognition and value through grouping, sorting, and counting. Your child will also begin to learn addition and subtraction skills. Our science centers will allow your child to explore how things work through hands-on sensory lessons.

Physically, our caregivers will work with your child to refine overall coordination, emphasizing gross motor skills. Your child has the opportunity to run, jump, swing, slide, and bike in our large outdoor playground. These types of activities will help develop their gross motor skills in a fun and exciting environment.











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