toddler program

Toddler Program

The “Terrific” Ones….and Twos

Luv-n-Care’s Toddler Program provides some of our youngest children with safe, healthy, developmentally appropriate care. Your child’s caregiver will work closely with families to ensure that your child’s individual needs are met while interacting with your child in a fun, positive, responsive and affectionate manner. Luv-n-Care’s Curriculum for Toddlers and Curriculum for Twos is part of the HighReach Learning® program which supports active learning through hands-on play, creates secure connections, and motivates exploration.

Luv-n-Care’s Toddler program gives your child daily opportunities to engage in a wide variety of activities carefully designed to help them achieve key developmental milestones. Your child will build upon the skills they learned as infants as they begin to become more independent and start using their critical thinking strategies to help develop their problem solving skills.

As a part of every child’s exciting day, our learning centers will focus on activities such as creative art, music, movement, dramatic play, scientific exploration, math and literacy activities. Luv-n-Care believes that learning occurs when toddlers are presented with appropriate challenges and are free to explore and be creative in their environment. With the support and encouragement of your child’s caregiver, Luv-n-Care strives to excite, invite, and encourage your child to meet their fullest potential.

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